About Me

I am from Austin, Texas and my name is Sabrina Kitler. I have tried many different treatment plans for nail fungus and have had different results.

My friend has given me different tips and suggestions on topical plans, some have worked and some have not worked. I believe in a holistic approach to nail fungus treatment and I typically try to find the root cause of nail fungus infections

On this site, I aim to make this a single most comprehensive guide to nail fungus treatment with all your questions answered related to Nail Fungus.

Most importantly, this site is not about me but a documented journey of others like Leilani who have described their fight with nail fungus in detail comparing different topical products like Kerasal and Zeta Clear

We are in Austin, Texas and our address is :

327 Spanish Mustang Dr, Cedar Park, Texas, 78613

You can reach us at 512-666-3520 in case you want to talk to one of us about the products we list on the page. You might not get me directly but a person who will respond to your call.