Can Nail fungus kill you?

The answer to this widely discussed question is no. It is always everyone’s dream to wear sandals on the beach during summertime. Much research has shown that fungal infections if untreated it will spread and you might lose the beautiful looking nails. It can be prevented from spreading.

Some of the tips to prevent Nail fungus from Spreading

These microorganisms can thrive in wet and humid conditions. The easy steps to prevent is giving your feet time to breathe. You can do this by keeping feet clean and dry and not wearing tightfitting shoes or socks. Sometimes we will not the exact reason for getting nail infections as it can run in your family.

*Wash and dry your nails

*Trimming your nails with a nail clipper or filing it.

*Eating healthy foods which will cause the infection from coming or getting worse.

*Wearing proper clothes, shoes, and socks where the material can actually absorb sweat.

Even after taking care of all these precautions, it will depend on your treatment plan and how well you go with it.

Treatments for Fungal Infections

There are many treatment plans available which vary in cost and their effectiveness. All these medications will penetrate your nails and the end result is healthy-looking and beautiful nails.

Over the counter medication

There are many brands that are competing in the market for antifungal growth. Time says that some of them do work and some don’t. It is easy to apply and no cost of seeing a doctor. But for some, there are actual proofs that it actually works.

Prescription or Oral drugs

Ciclopirox (Penlac) is a prescription drug or nail polish that needs to be applied for months to see the result. These products can work at an early stage and not when the infection becomes really stubborn. Oral drugs like  Itraconazole (Sporanox) and terbinafine (Lamisil) FDA approved. It shows in the trials that it actually kills fungus for more than 70 % of humans. But usually, this type of treatment has side effects and the fungus returning back in a few months.


If the nail fungus is really bad always consult a doctor.  He or she may suggest the total removal of your nail or partially. This will allow the nail to grow back or completely stop the growth. This type of treatment is very painful. Also having to consume antibiotics for the infections and aftercare.


Coming Back to our original question of having Nail fungus kill you, is only that it can kill your nails and not you. With proper treatment and care, it can prevent Nail fungus to stop coming and coming back.