Why my Nail fungus won’t go away?

If you are in a later stage of a nail fungus infection your nails have by this time become thick (and possibly visually not appealing). At this stage, you might experience bad odors coming from your nails. You will probably experience a hard time cutting your nails.

If this condition has been there for more than 2 years of this condition, I would recommend an immediate consultation or a visit with your podiatrist or dermatologist. As you know by now, it will not go away on its own but only with supervised treatment plans. The doctor usually will take a sample to test it under a microscope and find out what exact type of fungal infection you have.

The reasons for prolonged fungal growth

As you probably know by now, Nail fungus is caused by fungi that can thrive in warm or moist environments under the nails. The first thing you need to do is to stop creating conditions for these types of fungal infections to continue thriving.

  • Hygiene – You are probably only having only one shower a day and not cleaning areas where the fungus is growing. You are probably not drying those areas and applying your topical treatment on time.
  • Clothing – You are probably wearing the same clothing for an extended period of time. You are wearing the same socks or you have a job where you have to perspire for extended periods of time
  • Diet – You are eating a lot of processed foods. You are having a lot of meat in your diet or having a lot of sugary products.
  • Gym Showers/Shared Pools – Even though going to a gym is extremely beneficial, If the gyms themselves are not hygienic then you might be exposing yourself to organisms which help fungal growth
  • Poor blood circulation – You might have general blood circulation problems, especially at the lower body parts.
    • This could be because of bad posture or prolonged sitting and a lack of physical activities
  • Pre-existing Medical conditions – You have conditions like Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2), Psoriasis or other skin conditions
    • There are certain types of treatments that can trigger long term nail fungus issues like cancer treatments or other medications that you might be taking. Please ensure that your doctor knows that you are taking other medications.

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