Kerasal (Myths and facts) and Buying Options

What is Kerasal and does it really work?

The manufacturer states that this nail fungus topical solution penetrates your nails. Sounds scary?. The strong topical solution is why you can start seeing results within 2 days of application. It works on both toe or fingernails. If applied without skipping it can show good results within 8 weeks. The manufacturer states that the topical solution will reduce your nail discoloration. It reduces the nail thickness and the medicine itself is odor-free.

As a side note, I found that they have provided a good quality silicone applicator.

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Ingredients of Kerasal

The main ingredients of Kerasal are:

Propylene glycol, urea, glycerin, lactic acid, water, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA.

The good news is that the lactic acid ingredient helps to keep the skin moisturized. It helps with collagen renewal and can firm the skin around your nails.

How to apply Kerasal on your nails

This product has to be applied two times a day as a thin layer for 1 week. After the first week, only apply the product once per day during nighttime for almost 8 weeks. You can see the change after following the actual direction. This also requires the product applied for 3 to 6 months without a break.

Please keep the product away from the reach of the children. Check if you develop some side effects like skin rashes, redness, swelling or pain. If you see side effects please consult with your doctor immediately.


Easy to buy from Amazon by clicking on the image here.

There is a fungal pen that starts from $9.99 and then there is a one-week solution also which starts from $16.48. This product can also be brought from some local medical stores like CVS, Walgreens. Please call ahead and ask them

Overall Review

Consumers around the world have rated this product to be not very effective in total fungal removal. They have still have given a rating of 4/5. The side effects are rare and the speed of health appearance is what most people care about. If the infection doesn’t go away and you might have to choose a different product that pays well for your money.

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The common negative themes of reviews

I have looked at reviews on the internet and classified them into themes to help you here.

Theme #1: It is not really for an actual treatment but more for a corrective appearance of the nails

Theme #2: Some users have used this for over a year. It helps to soften and allow their nail removal but unfortunately the nails still come back diseased and unhealthy. The suggestion is that it might be actually useful as an adjunct to an existing oral anti-fungal medicine. Again, please talk to your doctor to see if there are side effects. review

Theme #3: Works well but have to wait at least 2 weeks and the product runs out fast. review

The common positive themes of reviews

No mess, dries quick, improves appearance as well as kills fungus, much less toxic than other products.

There are users who have tried numerous products and even had their toe nails ripped out and still the fungi would return. Some of the users are runners and triathlete and have fungi on more than two toes. Typical duration for removal of fungus is 3 months.