Kerasal – the before and after journey

My name is Leilani and I moved from Hawaii to Texas in 2012 and I am currently residing in Austin, Texas. I am a 41-year-old Montessori teacher who enjoys working with children. I do however have to be on my feet most of the time dealing with kid’s activities and teaching.

I used to wear these shoes for a long time because it went with my teacher’s uniform and they were somewhat comfortable. The problem I think is that it was a little too tight upfront and I used to wear these shoes without socks. After 8 hours of work, my feet were definitely sweating in these non-aerated shoes.

When did the fungus start?

Somewhere beginning of this year 2020, around mid-January, I found some discoloration on both my pinky toenails and ignored it. You can see the picture below.

Towards the middle of February, I started really wondering what is happening to my nails. There was a stronger color change on my pinky toenails. It started changing to a more yellowish hue and almost the next week I started seeing black dots on it. Also when I took a look at the nail bits remaining after cutting I could see that they were flakier.


I googled it for a while and was pretty sure that this was Nail Fungus. on my baby toenails. I felt a little irritated first because it was not giving me any pain and I felt like my prescribed uniform shoes were the cause of this. The first smart thing I did was change my shoes. I went to amazon and bought some good looking breathable shoes

I also talked to my friend Sabrina and she asked me whether I could document my before and after usage with two popular products – Kerasal and ZetaClear. She mentioned that since there is no pain and these were early-stage symptoms the topical products might help.

If you have already made up your mind with Kerasal. Here is a detailed review of Kerasal collected across multiple consumers

My Kerasal Actual User Review

Week 1 – Kerasal nail fungus treatment on right and left pinky toenail

Every day I applied Kerasal twice a day after showers in the morning and evening on my right baby toenail. What I did make sure is that there was no moisture on my feet before I applied Kerasal and also made sure that I did not put my shoes on for at least 10 minutes so that the medication can soak into the nails.

Here are pictures I posted for the first week of April 2020

Kerasal application week 1
Week 1 Applying Kerasal on left pinky toenail
Kerasal application week 1 on toe
Week 1 Applying Kerasal on right pinky toenail


It took only 3 days (without Prime membership) for the product to be shipped and delivered from Amazon. It arrived on time. I am going to put some pictures when I got the product in hand. The cover says it all :

  • Starts Improving nail appearance in 1 week.
  • Clinically proven
  • Reduces discoloration
  • Normalizes thickness
  • Nail repair solution 10 ml(0.33 fl oz)
  • Penetrates the nail.
  • Improves Nail appearance in over 90% of people suffering from it.
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

I opened the box and it contained

1)An applicator brush


Instructions on how to use Kerasal

They actually tell you to apply Kerasal Nail fungal once daily directly affected toenail or fingernail preferred in the evening before bedtime. Hold the point of the silicone tip applicator to the nail and press down gently and do not squeeze and spread the solution with the applicator. Cover each nail with a thin layer of solution. Also, apply to the edge of the affected nails. Let it dry for a few minutes. This has to be continued for 8 weeks. Depending upon the severity of the condition it may have to be applied for 3 to 6 months.

Precautions while using Kerasal

*Do not wear nail polish while using Kerasal

*This is for external use only

*Avoid contact with eyes or nose.

*keep out of reach of children.

*Store between 36 degrees F or 77 degrees F .Protect from sunlight and freezing.

Side Effects of using Kerasal

*Transient minor irritation might occur to the skin adjacent to the nail.

*Discoloration of the nail might occur in some case

*Loosening or separation of the nail from the underlying nail bed may occur including detachment or partial detachment of the nail

*If the nail should detach from the nail bed, discontinue use until the new nail has grown out.

*Take care avoiding getting the excess solution on the skin and nail bed

*Prolonged or excessive use may cause thinner or softer nails

*Kerasal and sunburn: Contains an alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn.

*Use a sunscreen or wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure after using Kerasal.

Important Company Disclaimer about Kerasal to be Noted

This was an interesting piece of information on the backside of the box.

Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal does not cure or prevent fungal infections. It can only improve the nail appearance damaged by nail fungus by reducing discoloration, normalizing thickness, and hydrating brittle nails. There are no over the counter medications to cure nail fungus. Fungal infections can only be cured by prescription medication.

Time to think

With the disclaimer, it can be actually thought twice before buying this product which is distributed by Moberg Pharma North America LLC. Please read my step by step actual user of the product and the changes to make a decision for yourself.