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Here is a collection of different treatment options available for nail fungus treatment.

Top 5 Topical Nail fungal solutions

I have tried collecting all the reviews of Top 5 Nail fungus (Last updated: April 2020) rankings and reviews

After all the research we have received from our readers dealing with their own nail fungus issues for the past few years, we have arrived at a list of 2 top and highly recommended OTC medications.


What we have found so far is that Kerasal works really fast and you can start to see results in 2 to 3 weeks approximately. The only thing is you need to apply this to your color tinged thick nails and the nails will start getting back to normal. There are a lot of questions and reviews around Kerasal which you can read here.

Would give a *****

Here is a Kerasal beforea and after review from someone who has used this recently

2. ZetaClear

For those who love homeopathic type treatment, here is a highly efficient and fast-acting homeopathic treatment spray and ointment for your flaky nails. Using it twice daily after showers will help to remove the discoloration and make the nails looking healthy and pretty. The good news is that so far nobody has posted a Side effect so far. It has its own product guaranteed and a close to 60 % customer satisfaction rate.

Antibiotics for Nail fungus prescribed by a doctor

When the Nail fungus becomes really bad you may actually want to see a doctor. That is when the nail becomes really yellow,very thick ,pain and also very smelly. This also means that the over the counter medications or home remedies are not working. Also these types of antifungal treatments take a longer time which usually the patient is not ready to wait  and you want to actually see results faster .You can take antibiotics treatment for Nail fungus but there are also many disadvantages of taking antibiotics.

The drugs  terbinafine (Lamisil) and itraconazole (Sporanox) is usually given by doctors which has to be taken over the period of 6 to 12 weeks depending upon its fingernail or toenail. It actually will replace the damaged nail and the new nail grows.The terbinafine is an antifungal which comes as cream or taken by mouth.It mainly stops by the fungi to make sterols which is important for the fungal membrane around the cell. If the cell membrane becomes weak or destroyed the cell cannot exist.

This weakens the cell membrane.

There are side effects such as 






Please consult the doctor and ask him which treatment might work for you best because people with diabetes and having nail fungus is a totally different treatment regime.ASk the doctor to list out pros and cons and then only start taking the tablets.You might also want to check in between your course of these antibiotics if you are suffering from any side effects.